The company is developing BlockChain technologies. The team has experience in developing complex electronics, running a business and creating a long-term business concept that leads to the intended goal.

Our long-term goals:

Design of ASIC control systems

Development of hardware solutions for calculating ASIC

Consulting companies in the development and creation of their own solutions for blockchain technologies

Production of our own ASIC (special purpose integrated circuit)

  • Creation of the first active project for the production of chips with a 7 nm technical process
  • Import substitution of existing products on the market with a significant cost reduction for the end user
  • Increasing the level of trust in the Estonian manufacturer from both the end consumer and investors


Cold wallet MINI

MINI - the device stores the user's secret keys and detailed information about all operations. Account operations are impossible without the physical presence of a cold wallet.

MINI advantages:

  • Wallet dimensions are reduced
  • The case is protected from any impact of water and dust
  • Increased information security
  • Reduced device cost
  • Wide range of colors and body materials

Multi-miner Water Miner W26T

Multi-miner Water Miner W26T based on a high-performance and energy-efficient chip with a 7 nm technological process. The basis for the miner will be a multifunctional crystal on which 3 types of logical cores are placed. This design allows you to mine SHA-256 and SCRYPT algorithm.

Unique Features:

  • Quiet, liquid cooling system
  • Performance 26 TH/s
  • Upgrade opportunity

Cargo Tracker GPS Tracker G200

The tracker allows you to track the location of the connected container or any other object in real time

Tracker features:

  • Real-time cargo tracking
  • Tracking various parameters inside the container:
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Cargo integrity
    • Roll control
    • Opening control
    • Impact control
  • The ability to install any sensors on request
  • The ability to use satellite, GSM and Wi-Fi communication for data transmission
  • IP67 vibration and water resistant
  • Autonomous work for 5-7 years



At the moment, the development, pilot production and debugging of devices is carried out in the Buratino laboratory in Tallinn. Final production will be carried out at electronics manufacturing contract enterprises.

In connection with the planning of production development and the creation of its own ASIC for the SHA-256 algorithm, it is planned to place an order on Samsung production lines, due to the lack of production of 7 nm process chips in Estonia. The company's goal is to localize production as much as possible in Estonia, where the final assembly of the devices will take place.


Company: EasyPayHub OÜ

Register code: 14680085

Address: Liikuri 8a-50, Tallinn, 13618, Estonia

tel: +372 53446852